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About Us :

Michael Soffe (Owner and Food Guide)

I am British by birth but after living here for over 20 years I tend to regard myself as Spanish. Lived in London for 14 years and worked for the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden as a Stage Manager. Had the good fortune to travel extensively with the Ballet Company visiting over 60 countries in the 14 years. I chose Spain as "my home"  when I left the UK and have never looked back.

After moving to Spain I have held a  variety of positions in the tourism sector. Guide, Travel rep, Administrator of an upmarket UK travel company based in Malaga. I was then headhunted to be Director of one of Europe´s leading Boutique Hotels (in Spain of course!) and after 7 years there, I left in 2006 to create . This proved very succesful and was launched shortly afterwards. This website is a natural extension as we are based in Malaga and it has been a delight to me that we have tempted so many visitors to the city. It certainly merits a visit!

I am very lucky to have my Co-Director, Laura at my side - she first worked with me many years ago at the Hotel and I am honoured that she chose to be a part of our group of companies, Amazing Online S.L.

I feel very privileged to have seen Malaga change so much for the better over this time. Art, Opera, Culture and Architecture are all very important to me, but food is a passion! I am delighted to share my knowledge of Malaga with you. I am again, extraordinairily lucky to meet so many warm and friendly people from all over the world through our Company.

I am deeply honoured to have been given the nickname of "Mr. Málaga" by so many of my friends and clients alike.

Laura Dibben (Owner and Food Guide)

Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, I caught the travel bug at the age of 12 on a school trip to Quebec City. A few years later I got myself a part-time job in order to afford myself a yearly trip to Europe with my high school. A passion for languages and foreign culture naturally developed, and after a year in Nice, France, in University I knew my time in Europe was far from over. Little did I know that Cupid's arrow would strike during the last year of my studies in 2001 at the University of Guelph, near Toronto. I met a Spanish exchange student called Jorge, and in 2003 we moved to Spain after our wedding.

Michael gave me my first job here in Spain and we have been "together" ever since. I was honoured when he asked me to be his business partner and it has been a joy to watch our companies grow over the years. As with Michael, art and culture are important to me, but food is a passion. So are people!! I adore my adopted country and the city of Malaga, in which I live, the latter having undergone an incredible renaissance in recent years. There is a remarkable intensity to Malaga and it gives me great pleasure to share its visual and edible delights with interesting people from all over the world, in a way that only a "local" can do. I hope to "tapear" (tap-eh-ar) with you soon!

Isabel Roldán (Food Guide)

Hi everyone!

I was born in Ceuta (Spain) to a Brasilian mother and Spanish father, I grew up in New York City – thanks to this I'm bilingual though still haven't decided if I'm totally Spanish or a Yankee – I like to think of myself as half and half with the best of both cultures. I studied Business Administration in the States and Social Work here in Spain and I've always worked with British or American companies; first as a secretary and finally as a personal assistant.

Now semi-retired, volunteer work is also an important part of my life; helping people to help themselves is one of my greatest satisfactions. I love music and dance and am a member of a local flamenco choir and I teach the wonderful "Sevillana" dances to cancer patients.

My ancestors were all from Malaga province, so this is where my family settled after leaving the States and it has been a wonderful adventure seeing how the city has changed for the better in every sense and it is a joy showing my city to people from all over the world, learning more each day about its history and its culture.

And TAPAS! Ah yes, my favorite way of eating without a doubt! Getting together with friends for a chat and some tapas is part of the Spanish way of life yes, but everyone who tries it comes back for more always.

Enthusiastic with a "joie de vivre" on life, dynamic,  a problem solver, caring: these are some of the adjectives my friends came up with when I asked them to describe me.

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